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Uwe Ommer Do It Yourself (25) PDF.pdf

Uwe Ommer Do it yourself (25) PDF.pdf - A Review of the Book by Uwe Ommer

Uwe Ommer is a renowned photographer who has published several books of his works, ranging from portraits of black women, Asian women, families, and landscapes. In his book Do it yourself (25), he presents a collection of erotic self-portraits by everyday women who were given cameras and basic instructions by him. The result is a stunning and intimate glimpse into the way these women see themselves or wish they did.

The book was inspired by a babysitter who Ommer surprised in front of the bathroom mirror shooting pictures of herself with his Polaroid. He decided to put together a book of self-portraits by inexperienced photographers, who were free to express themselves in any way they pleased. Some used mirrors, some did not. Some were provocative, some were romantic, some were simply being themselves. The book features a wide range of personalities, from students to artists, actors, stylists, dancers, models, musicians, teachers, and more.

Uwe Ommer Do it yourself (25) PDF.pdf

The book is divided into four sections: Self-Portrait, Mirror, Ghost Photographer, and Self-Portrait with Partner. In the first section, the women photographed themselves without any assistance from Ommer or anyone else. In the second section, they used mirrors as a tool to capture their reflections. In the third section, Ommer acted as a "ghost photographer", helping them with the lighting and setup, but leaving them alone to take the pictures. In the last section, the women invited their partners to join them in their self-portraits, creating sensual and intimate images.

The book is a celebration of female beauty and sexuality, as well as a testament to the power of self-expression and creativity. The women in the book are not professional models or celebrities, but ordinary women who have something to say about themselves and their bodies. They are not posing for someone else's gaze, but for their own. They are not following any rules or conventions, but creating their own. They are not hiding or ashamed, but proud and confident.

The book is also a showcase of Ommer's skill and vision as a photographer. He manages to capture the essence and personality of each woman, as well as the mood and atmosphere of each scene. He uses natural light and simple backgrounds to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each subject. He also adds some artistic touches, such as sepia tones, black and white filters, or color accents, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the images.

Do it yourself (25) is a book that will inspire and delight anyone who appreciates photography, art, or erotica. It is a book that will challenge and provoke anyone who has ever wondered how they look or how they want to look. It is a book that will make you think and feel about yourself and others in new ways.

If you are interested in buying or downloading this book, you can find it online at [Google Books], [Yumpu], or [PDF Updates].


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