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Play Among Us on Android 5.1.1: The Best Multiplayer Game of 2023

Among Us APK is a multiplayer sci-fi adventure game. It takes place inside a large spaceship where, among the crew, there is an impostor. Once you download Among Us Android, your mission, as well as that of the other players, is to try to find out who he is.

download among us android 5.1.1


Hi guys! I'm just having the same problem with my cousin's android box. The older box he had was piece of cake for connectong remotely thru QS. But with the new one, I keep receiving this message but won't download addon. Any help would be appreciated...

I found a solution for your problem friend. Man, it took me days but finally did it! Ok, if you already have your quicksupport app downloaded, keep it. Now, go to Play Store and download Team Viewer Host. When you open it, it will ask you to install the addon. When you finally get it downloaded and installed, go to QS again and open it. You will see that the message will not be shown again, and now you can connect remotely to your android box. Wallaaaaa!! Yessss!!!


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